Kari Lake is having a terrible week

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We’ve been focused on Donald trump a lot lately, and for good reason. But in the meantime, you may have missed what is going on with election denier number two — Non-Governor of Arizona Kari Lake.

Lake has not budged from Twitter. I’m serious. I suspect that winter could turn into spring, and then spring could turn into summer, and still, Kari Lake’s tweets will be put forth. Frost could form on the trees; the high tide could come and go over thousands of days and weeks, and still, Fake Lake’s morose and unending tweet storm would stream on.

Eggs could hatch, and groundhogs could come out of hibernation, and still, the Lake tweets will not pause. This is because Lake is insane. And she has just been dealt yet another blow as the state supreme court has refused to hear her election denial case.

This is yet another loss for the losing republican. There have been so many losses for team Lake I really have lost count. “I’m going to burn it to the ground,” an unhinged lake swore in a fiery speech at a rally for Turning Point Action. And she HAS burnt it to the ground — the chance that ANYONE would ever take her seriously.

But Lake is not done with her clumsy grabs at attention. Around the time she was smacked down by the supreme court in Arizona, she tweeted this: “I just got some big news.”

That’s it. Sadly for Lake, this tweet heaped in artificial drama backfired on her as Twitter got into it with smart-ass replies:

“Did you save 15% on your car insurance with Geico?”

“You’re teaming up with Mike Lindell to sell pillows!”

“You’ve entered therapy?”

“Oxiclean is shaking up the laundry aisle?”

“You lost!’

“Congrats. When’s the baby due?”

“You have decided to stop your rallies and grifting.”

“You got your job back at Arby’s?”

“Trump didn’t win in 2020.”

“You discovered the spelling for I LOST.”

“The dentist says Trident gum best.”

“you quote tweet your own tweets?”

So as you can see, Lake’s not having a good week — or month — or year. Maybe if she’d get off Twitter for five minutes and stop talking about herself, her luck might change.

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