Kanye West fails to make the ballot in another key swing state

When Kanye West made the ballot in the close swing state of Wisconsin, it was potentially a story. What if, for instance, Joe Biden and Donald Trump were only 1% apart in the state, and Kanye picked off 1% of Biden’s votes? But when it was determined that Kanye delivered a bunch of fake signatures after the deadline, he was removed from the Wisconsin ballot. Now Kanye is striking out in another key swing state.

The Ohio Secretary of State has announced that Kanye will also be left off the ballot in Ohio, because his filing documents in the state were illegitimate. This is another close swing state where Trump was surely hoping that Kanye could get a few votes and impact the outcome if it’s very close to begin with – but it’s clearly not happening.

When Kanye West first announced he was running, Palmer Report pointed out that based on filing deadlines, it was realistically too late for him to get on the ballot in a number of important states. Kayne would have been facing a real challenge even if he’d hired competent people. Instead he’s been relying on help from Team Trump, and they’ve proven to be as inept as ever.

Of course it was always unlikely that Kanye West was going to determine the outcome of the 2020 election. These things come down to a number of factors. In 2016, every single factor happened to go in Donald Trump’s favor. The best way to avoid a repeat in 2020 is to focus on voter registration and turnout, and help Joe Biden run up the score.

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