Kamala Harris just revealed the roadmap for destroying Donald Trump

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Last month Elizabeth Warren revealed the roadmap for how to fire up 2020 voters when she was the first to call for Donald Trump’s impeachment. She was rewarded heavily in the polls, climbing as high as second place in one of them. Sure enough, other candidates have since also called for Trump’s impeachment. Now Kamala Harris is revealing a different kind of roadmap when it comes to Donald Trump: how to destroy him.

While William Barr is overconfident and arrogant to his own detriment, some of the rocks in his head do work in his evil favor. In that regard, Trump and Barr are somewhat similar. Yesterday, several Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee each got their shot at taking on Barr in front of a large television audience. Some of them ended up being more effective than others. The general consensus is that Kamala Harris ruled the day.

That’s not surprising, considering that Kamala Harris is a longtime prosecutor; this kind of questioning was right in her wheelhouse. Other 2020 candidates have other kinds of strengths, of course. But it’s important for all of them to look at why Harris was so successful against Barr yesterday. She calmly but aggressively put him on defense right from the start. He was flustered from the start, and whenever he tried to change the subject, she quickly brought him right back to what she wanted to focus on.

In the end, Kamala Harris managed to reduce William Barr to a sputtering mess, as he was reduced to pretending he didn’t understand what words like “suggested” meant. Because she had him on defense the whole time, she got him to essentially admit that Donald Trump is still illegally trying to meddle with what the Department of Justice does with criminal cases. She destroyed Barr yesterday, by getting him to destroy himself.

Donald Trump is not quite William Barr. Trump is more imaginative when it comes to the sadistic nature of his approach. The nastiest Barr could come up with throughout the day was “snitty” and “why should you have them.” In that situation, Trump would have thrown in personal insults that were specifically customized to get under the skin of the person he was battling, and so on.

That said, the Kamala Harris approach to William Barr yesterday is precisely the approach that the eventual Democratic nominee should take when it comes to facing off with Donald Trump in the general election, whether it be to his face during debates, or virtually to his face during the inevitable daily sparring at their respective rallies. This strong crop of 2020 Democratic candidates can learn from each other – and yesterday was another key learning experience.

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