Just how whacked out is QAnon?

– How far removed from reality is QAnon? It would be like if people on our side of the fence actually believed Ted Cruz was the zodiac killer instead of just joking around about it. To paraphrase Voltaire, anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. No wonder the QAnon believers and Trump acolytes of the far right were so eager to storm the Capitol when the opportunity arose.

– The thing about gun addicts is they’re too obsessed with gun scenarios to be able to perceive actual threats. They think they need a gun on the House floor for protection during a pandemic, but they don’t think they need a mask on the House floor for protection during a pandemic.

– Megyn Kelly is never going to get back on television, and no matter how many intentionally ignorant things she says to get her name trending on social media, she’s still not going to get back on television.

– President Biden has now spoken with the leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the UK. No international incidents have occurred as a result. We’re still getting used to this thing called “competence.”

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