Donald Trump just gave something away

The sh*tshow of sh*shows is now behind us but the thing to know is the eyes – not the ayes – have it. Trump’s eyes are usually dead and expressionless; they are, in fact, chillingly so. Google a picture of him in 2017 and you will see it. Now flip to a picture of the first debate and see what he looks like today. There is no lack of feeling in them anymore. Now they’re full of fear and pity for himself and himself alone. In fact, he’s terrified out of his mind and no amount of poorly applied makeup can hide it.

What this clown does is yell and redirect when he doesn’t like how things are going. And nothing is going well for him. New York appears to be waiting with an indictment for him on January 20th. Plus he knows his beloved Ivanka is going to go down with him as well. And it’s all in there in his eyes.

The debate committee is going to change the format in order to allow Biden to speak and we predict Trump may ditch the rest of the debates if he can no longer disrupt them. Today he’s taken to Twitter, of course, announcing his debate win over Biden. But that’s his normal self-soothing material. The numbers, on the other hand, don’t lie.

Biden clearly won which is remarkable given he could hardly get a word in. Chris Wallace, a Fox News reg, threw his sympathies to Biden and so did a lot of Republicans who realized they would like to hold their head up in public. MAGA is a cult. It feeds hatred and anger to its masses and now Trump wants to unleash these pieces of sh*t onto our election process. He will not succeed. The elections are secure. No one is allowed to randomly go and “watch” an election – there is a process for this and anyone who interrupts the process will be arrested. Trump would love a civil war fought over him.

American carnage would suit his psychopathic self just fine. But it won’t happen. People will cast their votes in peace. There may be a skirmish here or there at polling places if the nutjobs do grab their guns and go all Brownshirts on us, but it won’t affect the outcome. The American people will prevail and endure. They have been through worse. It’s helpful to remember this on Election Day.

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