Another federal judge just ruled against Donald Trump

For a guy who claimed that he’d do so much winning we’d all get tired of winning, Donald Trump sure is finding a way to keep losing. Even as he keeps trying to do increasingly deranged end-runs around the law, one federal judge after another has stood up this week to shut him down. Trump just got struck down in court for the third time this week.

It turns out Donald Trump can’t just take money that was budget-designated for other projects, and illegally redirect it to fund his border wall, and get away with it. According to the Washington Post, Federal Judge Haywood Gilliam ruled last night that Trump can’t start construction of his border wall, at least for now, until the courts can sort it all out. For Trump, the hits just keep on coming.

Earlier this week a federal judge ruled against Donald Trump’s request to block accounting firm Mazars from turning over his financial records to Congress. Then later in the week another federal judge issued a similar ruling involving Deutsche Bank and Capital One. These rulings cut awfully close to the bone for Trump, because it’s long been reported that Deutsche Bank has several years of his tax returns.

Now a federal judge is ruling against Donald Trump when it comes to his border wall, which Trump has long claimed is his top priority in office. It’s a one-two-three punch, and it’s a reminder that despite how it sometimes feels, Trump is not simply getting away with all of his illegal activities. In fact, huge chunks of what he’s tried to do have been shut down by the courts since he took office.

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