Judge delivers more bad news for George Santos

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The courtier, caught in his betrayal, struggled with all his might to avoid his punishment for betraying the palace. But it was all for naught. Once a betrayal is found out, the road back all but vanishes.

I’ve read much literature dealing with betrayals in the royal palaces. It is a favorite topic of mine. And yet, in reality, we are dealing with our own betraying jester. His name is George Santos.

And he is one of the most rotten, scheming, psychopathic, despicable, vain, cowardly betrayers one has ever seen. And Santos, like so many historical betraying figures of the past, simply will not accept his fate. He is struggling against the tide but is about to drown in it.

Everybody is wondering who paid the bail which allowed Santos to avoid jail. The courts want to know. Only Santos, in the style of many beggars before him, pleaded with the court to leave this one alone and turn away.

His attorneys filed documents asking the Judge to keep the name a secret. And Santos has said he’d rather rot in jail than reveal the name or names of his benefactors. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me.

However, the Judge has ruled against Santos. The names must be unsealed, says the Judge. This Judge has given Santos until noon Friday to appeal. He is unlikely to win on appeal.

So what will Santos do? I do not believe for a minute that Santos is doing all this out of the goodness of his heart. This is because Santos has no heart. Undoubtedly, he is covering up something he does not want us all to know.

I firmly believe the world would be better if Santos got his ass thrown behind bars. But we’ll see. Santos will give up the names. Because with Santos, the best way to determine truth is to believe the OPPOSITE of what he says.

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