Washington DC Attorney General is bringing in Donald Trump Jr for questioning

As a reminder of just how corrupt the Trump crime family is, and just how much legal trouble they’re in, you always have to spell out which criminal investigation into them you’re talking about – because there are so many criminal investigations into them.

Even as a widely documented grand jury in New York State continues the process of criminally indicting Donald Trump, other investigations are also moving forward. For instance the Washington DC Attorney General has been investigating criminal misuse of Trump inauguration funds, and now according to CNN he’s bringing in Donald Trump Jr for questioning.

These crimes were committed in late 2016 and early 2017, which shows how slowly the wheels of justice can turn, but also serves as a reminder that they do eventually turn. It’s also notable that this particular investigation is heating up just as Donald Trump is leaving office and eligible for indictment and arrest. This is before even getting to the newly launched Washington DC investigation into the domestic terrorist attack that Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and others incited last week.

Trump may try to pardon himself and his family on federal charges. But pardons have finite power and aren’t magic wands. Trump will end up in prison, and members of his family will likely join him.

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