Robert Mueller has Donald Trump Jr nailed for a second Trump Tower treason meeting

Donald Trump Jr has spent the past year trying to convince us that his Trump Tower meeting with the Russians aimed at altering the outcome of the election wasn’t really treasonous because he didn’t understand what he was getting into, or because he’s too stupid to know what treason is, or something along those lines. But that defense just got even thinner, because it turns out Junior also held a second treason meeting at Trump Tower. More importantly, Robert Mueller already has him nailed for it.

Trump Jr held a meeting at Trump Tower with an emissary for two Arab princes and an Israeli social media manipulator, aimed at altering the outcome of the election, according to a new report from the New York Times. Also there was George Nader, an international operative who earlier this year became a cooperating witness for Robert Mueller. This means Junior didn’t just hold a one-off meeting with Russian government representatives aimed at rigging the election. He held a series of such meetings with representatives of multiple foreign governments.

The Times says that millions of dollars were discussed at this meeting in exchange for altering the outcome of the election, but it’s not yet clear whether the money ultimately changed hands. However, Mueller already knows what happened, because he’s given Nader immunity in exchange for information all of the above.

There’s a strong argument that Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with Russia constituted treason, because it was in conjunction with Russia’s election hacking, which can be legally defined as an act of cyber war against the United States. But the bigger upshot here is that Junior just lost his ability to argue that he was tricked into conspiring with the Russian government to rig the election. Now we know that he was actively attempting to conspire with any foreign government he could.

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