Yep, Donald Trump Jr is definitely going to prison

When it’s all said and done, Donald Trump Jr will be charged with so many dozens of felony counts, ranging from espionage to money laundering, his defense team will need a flow chart just to keep track of them all. The thing is, Junior is probably arrogant enough to think he can spout his lunatic conspiracy theories to a jury, and they’ll let him off the hook. Nothing works that way, but one particular criminal charge against Trump Jr just got proven so clearly, even he can’t be delusional enough to think he’ll beat it.

There’s a reason Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his prosecutorial allies used charges like lying to the FBI and lying to Congress as a way of pushing Donald Trump’s associates into cutting plea deals. If the evidence is there, these kinds of charges are so black-and-white in nature, you’re going to be convicted by any jury out there. This brings us to Donald Trump Jr, and what his father’s idiot lawyer just blabbed about.

Rudy Giuliani appeared on the weekend talk show circuit and admitted that the Trump Tower Moscow negotiations between the Trump Organization and Russia went on through roughly the end of the general election in 2016. But Donald Trump Jr, a high ranking official in the Trump Organization who would have had to sign off on any such negotiations, has testified under oath before Congress that the Trump Tower Moscow negotiations fizzled out by 2014. Oops.

We’ve already seen Samuel Patten criminally charged in the Trump-Russia scandal for lying to Congress. There is no question that Donald Trump Jr will be charged for this – along with the dozens of other felony counts – by federal prosecutors. There is also no question that Junior will be convicted on the perjury charges, even if he somehow weasels out of everything else. Oh, and even if Donald Trump tries to pardon his son, that won’t apply to state level charges. Junior is absolutely going to prison.

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