Josh Hawley gives something away while questioning FBI Director Christopher Wray about January 6th attack

One of the truly weird aspects of the investigation into the January 6th Capitol attack is that some of the suspects – such as Josh Hawley – are still sitting there in Congress. That got even more awkward today when FBI Director Christopher Wray testified to a Senate committee that happened to have Hawley as a member.

When it was Hawley’s turn to speak, he asked Wray about what cellphone evidence the FBI had gathered from the January 6th attack. Hawley seemed to be trying to figure out whether the FBI has his records. Hawley also tried to make the case that banking records were turned over to the FBI illegally, as if he was looking to get evidence against himself thrown out.

Josh Hawley gave away today that he’s afraid of what the FBI is digging up about the January 6th domestic terrorist attack. That’s notable, because all we know for sure is that he went out there and pumped up the crowd just before they invaded. Now he seems to be worried that there might be evidence out there that more deeply connects him to the attack. Hawley wasn’t any good at hiding his fear today, either.

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