Jon Stewart just took this clown’s legs out

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A dear friend of mine and I have a game we had played for years now, from long before President Biden ever became president. It’s called “If I were President.” In this game, we are known to get silly, describing some of the things we’d do.

And I would like to share one of those things with you. If I were President, I would pass a law saying all media moderators in elections have to first watch Jon Stewart on video decimating Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm. Seriously folks. This might be the most epic. most glorious take-down EVER. And I suggest you watch it because Jon Stewart deserves an award for how he destroyed the fake gun-loving republican in this interview.

Dahm is a big fan of guns and is against any gun safety legislation. This is because he’s a moron. I am not even going to quote from this interview — no way. This was Stewart’s time to shine, and boy, did he ever. He made mincemeat of this forlorn little gun-toting soldier.

This particular republican seems to have a personality defect. That is the fact that he is very, very dumb. He was like a mute fly caught in the web of a VERY smart spider who refused to let him out of it for a minute.

At one point, the sputtering Republicans, perhaps sensing all was lost anyway, protested that obesity kills more people than guns. Dahm doe not seems to be a fan of saving the children. He IS a fan however, of the second amendment, which he used as an excuse to deflect Jon’s every question.

Only Jon wasn’t having any. By the end of the interview, he’d reduced the man to a quivering, sputtering mess — sort of like jello — and it was glorious to see.

So the lesson for moderators in this — do as Jon does. Don’t let them get away with things. I truly believe if this country had moderators just like Jon, our task of winning every election would be quite a bit easier.

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