John Lewis and Eric Swalwell send the House Republicans into a panic

When the House Democrats decided to pass a resolution formally condemning Donald Trump for his racism, someone had to get up and be the first one to violate archaic House rules by calling Trump a racist. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took the lead on that, and was briefly banned from speaking on the House floor before her privileges were ultimately restored. That’s when some other House Democrats stepped up to do their part.

Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell, who sits on two different committees that are currently investigating Donald Trump’s criminal scandals, decided to begin reciting aloud some of Trump’s most racist moments. By now you know the drill: go back to where you came from, Mexican immigrants are rapists, fine people on both sides, shithole countries.

House Republicans jumped in and insisted that Eric Swalwell was out of line for daring to quote Donald Trump’s own repulsive words – thus unwittingly reminding everyone that the House GOP had no problem with these words when they were originally coming out of Trump’s mouth. Naturally, this effort went nowhere. And if the Republicans couldn’t handle Swalwell, they were really in for it when civil rights legend John Lewis stepped to the plate, spelling out precisely what racism is, and why Trump is absolutely a racist.

When all was said and done, Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats were able to pass their resolution formally condemning Donald Trump for being a racist. As we’ve explained, they managed to play Trump and the House GOP like a fiddle, setting Trump and the GOP up for a lose-lose situation heading into 2020.

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