Turns out John Bolton really is going for Donald Trump’s legs

No, John Bolton is not the whistleblower who ratted out Donald Trump for having made some kind of promise involving classified information to Vladimir Putin. The specific reporting about the whistleblower’s job description gives away that it wasn’t Bolton. That said, the whistleblower bombshell pushed a major story about Bolton and Trump out of the headlines yesterday – and it’s worth going back and talking about, because it’ll be important later.

We’ve seen various reports this week that John Bolton is indeed gearing up to do what we’ve all been expecting him to do: cash in by publishing a tell-all book which paints Donald Trump in a negative light. Bolton is a known liar, but it’s not like he has to make anything up; all he has to do is expose the embarrassing things that he witnessed Trump saying and doing behind closed doors. Earlier, Palmer Report predicted that Bolton would start leaving breadcrumbs, in order to gradually build hype for the book’s release during the 2020 general election season.

We still don’t know for sure when the book will come out, but we do know that Bolton is already dropping his breadcrumbs. Bolton already began ripping into Trump yesterday over his Camp David Taliban stunt, calling it “disrespectful” and “terrible” and other things. Bolton said this at a closed door event, but he’s been at this long enough to know that these things always leak, and in fact his comments were surely intended to leak – as they did, to Politico.

If John Bolton were in any way looking to stay in Donald Trump’s good graces, or to keep the peace so that Trump won’t attack him, he wouldn’t be making comments like this already. Bolton is making it clear that he’s going to ask Republicans and conservatives to choose between him and Trump. In that scenario, all that matters is that just enough of them choose Bolton so as to cost Trump a few points in the election. Bolton’s book is going to be one for the ages.

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