John Bolton begins his power grab

In the days since Donald Trump fired National Security Adviser John Bolton for not being sufficiently pro-Taliban, we’ve seen Bolton take shots at Trump here and there. Bolton has even gone so far as to state that he’ll put his side of the story out there in due course, which sounds like he’s planning to release a profitable and damaging tell-all book about Trump just before the election. Now it turns out Bolton has something else up his sleeve.

Sometime after John Bolton finished humiliating himself in the George W. Bush administration, and before he began humiliating himself in the Donald Trump administration, he began running various Republican Super PACs. Now that Trump has fired him, he’s going back to running said Super PACs. Why does this matter?

Bolton has already begun steering his Super PAC money toward Republican office holders like Tom Cotton, Cory Gardner, and Thom Tillis, according to Vanity Fair. These are all people who are publicly loyal to Donald Trump, but that’s the case with just about every Republican office holder right now. In fact Trump currently controls the purse strings of the Republican National Committee, meaning he has far greater ownership of the puppets that Bolton is trying to buy. So why is Bolton bothering?

In short, John Bolton is planning for a post-Trump future. Once Donald Trump is no longer in office, his influence over the RNC purse strings will instantly drop to zero. The Republican Party, and its corrupt politicians, will be newly up for sale. Bolton ostensibly just put a down payment on some Republicans in the House and Senate, so he can steer them toward neoconservative policies once Trump is gone.

One thing to keep in mind: if John Bolton is assuming that Donald Trump will be gone after the 2020 election, it means he’s probably planning to help contribute to Trump’s demise, whether it be by publishing a well-timed book or leaking Trump’s other ugly criminal secrets to the media. Stay tuned. Bolton is a bloodthirsty monster, and he now appears to be looking to take out his frustrations on Trump.

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