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“Love cannot win without trust.” That’s the moral of the mythological tale of Eros and Psyche. And in a way, it’s the story of politics as well. But first things first. Psyche, in mythology, was breathtaking. When Eros, the God of love itself, fell in love with her, he whisked her away to a voluminous castle where he courted her. However, he warned, she could not lay eyes upon his physical form.

As the days passed, some people, including sisters of Psyche, were consumed with jealousy and attempted to convince the young bride that it was a vicious monster who had whiskered her away. Do not trust him, they warned. He has nothing in mind for you but evil.Eventually, Psyche dared to lay her eyes on her groom one night as they slept. There she saw her husband was love itself.

Eros, however, left her. There can be no love without trust, he told her sadly. Different variations offer different endings, including some that say the couple did eventually reconcile.

Trust is that upon which all good relationships flourish and this includes relationships with our politicians. How can there be loyalty from constituents without trust? President Biden has worked so very hard to EARN that trust. He’s fulfilled so very many of his campaign promises, showing that his loyalty is not to himself but to the American people.

The GOP, on the other hand, has broken literally every campaign promise they’ve ever made. They lied when they pledged to take care of the American people — to honor them and protect their interests. It’s their OWN interests they seek to protect.

That’s why many in the GOP want to steal health insurance, social Security, and VA benefits. The GOP are thieves in the night, looking not at the American people but at their own greed. The glorification of greed, power, and hubris has been conducted only by Republicans. There is a clear choice for the American people, and that is what we must show.

Compare and contrast — showing the purity of the spirit of President Biden and the corruption of spirit by the GOP.

The American people, for the most part, just want a government that cares. They look for an agenda that’s bursting with wisdom and truth. What the majority of the Gop offer is so far removed that it’s almost laughable. And if we can clearly explain this, to the American people we’ll win and win and keep on winning.

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