Joe Biden’s finest hour

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Our guy. Our President. And he damn well managed to move this writer to tears. I know many of you tuned in to the State of the Union tonight. How will it go, I wondered earlier. The answer? I think I can speak for everyone. It was President Biden’s moment. It was President Biden’s story to tell because it is now he who runs things.

And it was the best speech I’ve ever seen him give. Aren’t you proud? That’s our guy in there! This is the person WE elected, YOU elected. WE — The democratic party — WE run things now. And Biden is the people’s President. He has a sure hand and a steady grip.

I could go over everything he said that resonated, every point. But then this piece would be 100 pages long. Suffice to say, what we saw is strength – done in a brilliant, calm, and competent way. “Freedom will always triumph over tyranny,” President Biden said. This is true. And it will, and it does. “Light will win over darkness.”

“We’re going to be OK.” Said with the wisdom of an eternally vibrant soul, a wise owl of a human being we can all feel so proud of.

Biden spoke about everything from our current tax system and how unfair it is to the cost of insulin to buying American. The reviews so far have been good — except a certain few on CNN. The mood was celebratory in a subdued way. Many, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, were emotional. Justice Breyer was there and was his usual delightful self.

The Kremlin’s party? Well — McCarthy was on his phone, looking bored. Greene and Boebert — otherwise known as the hunks of junk — were trying to shout over the President and should be expelled from Congress.

The turtle looked depressed. Susan Collins looked concerned, as evidenced by making faces and shaking her head a few times. No more on the GOP. Biden has knocked it out of the park. He has gone above and beyond. He’s pushed for the gold and won it easily.

The Republican response? I didn’t watch. Do you know why? Because tonight is OUR night! This is OUR time — Biden’s time to shine. Screw the rebuttal. Biden’s earned this night, and so have we. And America has never looked stronger.

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