Joe Biden’s cabinet

Yesterday the New York Times embarrassed itself with a bizarre article which included this absurd sentence: “Some allies of Mr. Biden’s on Capitol Hill worry that Mr. Biden’s choices for the biggest jobs in government look too much like professional staff, with no big personalities who may be better suited to helping drive policy.”

In response, President-elect Biden’s incoming White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain tweeted this: “The Biden-Harris cabinet is going to contain all sorts of people when it’s done, but if the worst you can say about the picks so far is that they are ‘too professional,’ well, you know….”

This is entirely on point. Donald Trump’s cabinet was a combination of reality show style stunt casting, Trump donors, hardened criminals, creepy extremists, and the CEO of an oil company – and it ended up being a disaster on every level. Now we’re supposed to be worried that the adults are back in charge? Does the New York Times want Biden to make Carrot Top the Secretary of the Interior? Come on.

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