Joe Biden’s comeback just began

Last night’s Democratic primary debate was a complete mess, from irrelevant questions, to inept moderation, to a whole lot of unintelligible yelling. But if one candidate managed to rise above the debacle and get something meaningful out of it, it was almost certainly Joe Biden, who picked the best time possible to have his best debate performance to date.

Joe Biden needs to win South Carolina on Saturday, where he’s favored in the polls. If Biden can demonstrate that he does the best with a diverse group of voters, it’ll provide reason to believe that he’ll perform well on Super Tuesday. Just as importantly, if Biden wins, the overblown media narrative about how his campaign is “in trouble” will shift to a more positive one about his prospects, which can end up being a self fulfilling prophecy.

We’re not the only ones who thought Joe Biden won the debate. Former candidate Andrew Yang said on CNN that he felt Biden won. So did a lot of other people:




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