Joe Biden just scored a big win

As his support is continuing to solidify in the polls, Joe Biden is still racking up a number of surprising endorsements. Earlier this week, nearly 500 former military and national security officials endorsed him for president, warning of how perilous another four years of Donald Trump would be for national security and stability. The endorsement was from people that largely don’t make endorsements or discuss their personal politics in the open, and have worked for both Republican and Democratic presidential administrations in the past.

Before that, Scientific American, a publication that has never endorsed a presidential candidate in its 175-year history, finally felt compelled to tell its readers that a Biden administration is the only guarantee that the United States will have leadership that cares about the current climate change crisis and will actively take measures to fight it. Now, the risk assessment firm, Moody’s Analytics, released an analysis of the economic plans proposed by both Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and while they didn’t outright endorse Biden, they made it quite clear whose policies would benefit the economy the most.

Even though Donald Trump likes to boast about his economy and the GOP backs him up, Moody’s team of economists outright say that the worst case scenario for the economy would be if Republicans were to sweep the White House and Congress. Their model suggests that the economy wouldn’t return to full employment until at least the beginning of 2024 if such a scenario were to happen, and the risk is significantly higher because Trump would only double down on trade wars and immigration policies in a second term.

By comparison, a Democratic sweep showed a better scenario in every possible way – with taxes on the middle class staying largely the same and significant investments being made to stimulate the economy while protecting Social Security and spending to benefit education and infrastructure. The only way of course, to make his plans a reality is to vote for Joe Biden and Democrats down the ballot by November 3.


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