Joe Biden just nailed it

Although there’s little question that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris handily won their respective debates – and they may be the only two debates they participate in this election cycle, with Donald Trump managing to get the second debate canceled with his tantrums – there’s been a criticism that they never addressed the issue of “court packing,” something that the Republicans hope they can use to weather the storm in an election that could bring record losses.

Both Donald Trump and Mike Pence took the stage in their respective debates with the belief that if they can get Democrats to say “yes” on court-packing, they’ll alienate moderate voters who are well-aware of all the authoritarian connotations that term has. If Biden or Harris were to say “no,” then they could alienate left-leaning voters hoping for a change to the democratic system that Trump and his cronies have worked to destroy.

This tactic has trickled down to the senatorial debates, with vulnerable Republicans like John Cornyn and Martha McSally trying to make similar accusations against their opponents, and there are a few middle of the road voters who are expecting a substantial answer on the issue. Biden and Harris both did well to brush off their opponents’ attacks, but on Saturday morning, Joe Biden made things clearer when he spoke with reporters from Bloomberg on his way to a campaign stop: “The only court packing going on is going on with the Republicans packing the court right now.”

This is exactly how his supporters and the media need to look at this and where they need to push the conversation – but more importantly, we need to stop Mitch’s relentless appointment of horribly unqualified judges at the federal level. That’s why we need to vote for Joe Biden and Democrats down the ballot by November 3.

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