Joe Biden just hit it out of the park in Gettysburg

With Donald Trump in the process of self destructing and trying to take the country down with him, Americans are crying out for real presidential leadership. Frontrunner Joe Biden traveled to Gettysburg today – site of Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address – to deliver his own remarks about healing the nation.

The speech ended up being one of Joe Biden’s finest hours. He made a point of spelling out that while his positions and policies are Democratic and liberal, he intends to find a way to bring the country together. Biden lashed out at the worst the country has to offer, such as the white supremacists who keep popping up in places like Charlottesville, but made clear that he wants to work with all decent Americans.


The good news for Joe Biden is that the polls clearly show the majority of the country is indeed united behind him. The more he keeps reminding the public what American leadership looks like, and the more Donald Trump continues self destructing, the better Biden’s odds become of being able to carry out his agenda in office.

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