Joe Biden just destroyed Mike Pence

Mike Pence’s speech was the highlight of day 3 of the Republican National Convention but it made headlines for all the wrong reasons, as he told one lie after the other and presented a dystopian vision he called “Joe Biden’s America,” one that you wouldn’t be safe in, rife with chaos and upheaval. He did this all, of course, without any mention of Jacob Blake or that the current unrest is a direct result of the Trump administration’s policies.

Naturally, Joe Biden was asked about the speech today and swung back hard, pointing out that while Pence might have been dreaming up a doomsday scenario about “Joe Biden’s America,” he was doing it while showing a video of Donald Trump’s America.

“The problem right now is that we’re in Donald Trump’s America,” said Biden, again pointing out Donald Trump’s consistent failure to take responsibility, but he wasn’t finished. He also called out Kellyanne Conway on her admission that the White House is actually hoping for the protests to turn violent because it helps the Republicans politically – noting that they’re finally admitting what’s been obvious to nearly everyone outside of Trump’s base for a long time. Trump wants chaos and he’s provoking it wherever possible.

A week ago, we saw Joe Biden give one of the most poignant and eloquent speeches of his political career. While this interview with Andrea Mitchell was off the cuff, it’s nearly as good and proves his political savvy, as he pointed out that what we’re already seeing from this administration is what voters will be voting for should they pull the lever for Republicans in November. What we’re seeing now is exactly why we need to vote all of them out on November 3.

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