Joe Biden is making his big move on the filibuster

President Joe Biden has spent enough decades in politics to know that there’s a timing to everything. If you just immediately take the biggest swing possible on something, without getting your ducks in a row first, that’s not a strategy – and it’s likely to fail badly.

So even as a lot of observers have spent all of 2021 insisting that Biden must instantly do something about voting rights and the filibuster, Palmer Report has pointed out that the next major election isn’t actually until late 2022 – more than a year from now. Better for Biden to take his time and line up the necessary leverage before taking that swing.

For instance, Biden and his team spent months painstakingly lining up the legal basis for the employee vaccination rules that he rolled out last week. Now that it’s out of the way, and it’s a given that infrastructure will end up happening at some dollar amount, Biden is circling back to voting rights legislation.

Rolling Stone is reporting that Biden is about to enact a huge pressure campaign against Manchin and Sinema, and he’ll use everything he has in order to pressure them into exempting voting rights from the filibuster so it can be passed with 50 votes.

It’s important to keep in mind that while the media has painted Manchin and Sinema as somehow having infinitely powerful magic wands for doing anything they want, and while Twitter pundits have spun wild conspiracy theories about Manchin and Sinema and some Republican donors who aren’t even still alive, nothing works that way in the real world.

In reality Manchin and Sinema are two-bit lightweights who always end up caving to whoever puts the most pressure on them or is most willing to give them what they want – and Biden is, well, the President. In fact Biden just gave Manchin what he wanted when it came to the ATF this week, and that’s now starting to look like a carrot for moving Manchin closer to caving on voting rights reform. If that doesn’t work, Biden will get use the proverbial stick – and we all saw this week what it looks like when Biden gets out the stick.


Once President Biden formally announces his big push on voting rights legislation, your job will be to support his effort by placing as much pressure on Manchin and Sinema as possible. Biden is going to get this done before the 2022 midterms – and your support is going to be crucial.

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