President Joe Biden is hitting his stride as Donald Trump is crashing and burning

The contrast between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, as people and as leaders, has always been strikingly clear. Biden is a savvy public servant with a heart of gold. Trump is a two bit con artist with psychopathic tendencies. But over the past twenty-four hours their already divergent paths have split in striking fashion.

Yesterday President Biden managed to get his massive COVID relief package through both houses of Congress. It took him fifty days, but he got it done. The legislation might be the most meaningful reform to social inequity since the original New Deal. Biden also got his Attorney General, Merrick Garland, confirmed. Garland is expected to drop the hammer on Trump-era political corruption.

Remarkably, even though Merrick Garland could end up bringing criminal charges against Donald Trump, Garland’s confirmation wasn’t even the worst news that Trump received yesterday. The Manhattan District Attorney’s decision to meet with Michael Cohen again, after examining Trump’s taxes, points to a certain criminal indictment against Trump, and a highly likely conviction. The emergence of a second recorded phone call in the Fulton County District Attorney’s election case against Trump just sharply increased the odds he’ll be convicted there as well.

So here we are with Joe Biden hitting his stride, passing groundbreaking legislation whose approval rating is in the seventies, and preparing to speak in primetime tonight to lay out his next steps, even as COVID vaccinations have ramped up to the point that hope finally feels real. And here we are with the criminal cases against Donald Trump now looking like they truly will put him in prison for the rest of his life. Their paths will continue to diverge even more sharply as time goes on.

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