Joe Biden is getting it done

After Joe Manchin’s recent rejection of the Build Back Better bill, a number of people are outraged yet again – rightfully so in many cases – but in light of this latest development, it has become easy for many of us to forget that just 35 days ago, Democrats had a much needed victory by finally passing a bipartisan infrastructure deal. While we’re likely to see a different version of BBB pass in some form in the near future, the good news is that we’re already beginning to see the effects of the BIF framework leaving an impact on America and changing lives for the better.

This week, Vice President Harris demonstrated one of the many reasons why BIF is historic by appearing at an EV charging facility for electric vehicles in Maryland: It calls for and sets aside funding for a nationwide network of charging stations, making them easily accessible for everyone – and giving states $5 billion to build new ones. While makers of electric vehicles saw a number of hurdles under the former guy’s administration, as the EPA did substantial rollbacks on many of the pollutants the agency was set up to regulate in the first place.


For the first time, America has not only the opportunity to make electric vehicles affordable for everyone – another incentive currently in the BBB plan – but to lead the world when it comes to the future of transportation. With this appearance, Vice President Harris has given a foretaste of what people can expect as we transition smoothly from gasoline to electric power. It’s just one of many reasons why Democrats are the better option and why we are getting things done, regardless of how the media wants to spin it.

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