Jim Jordan should be careful what he wishes for

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We’ve all heard, and probably used, the cliché “be careful what you wish for.” That may happen to Jim Jordan. DA Alvin Bragg withdrew his appeal, opening the way for Mark Pomerantz’s testimony, which is not going to turn out the way Jordan hopes. One can only wonder whether Jordan even knows why Pomerantz resigned from the DA’s office, and that decision does not exactly fall in line with Jordan’s claims that Bragg’s investigation is politically motivated.

Newsweek reported that Pomerantz’s resignation letter spells out exactly why he resigned. Obviously, he had a problem with Bragg, or he wouldn’t have left the office, but the root of his frustration is telling. In part of his letter, Pomerantz wrote that there was “evidence sufficient to establish Mr. Trump’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.” He further said that Trump was “guilty of numerous felony violations.” In other words, it is doubtful that Pomerantz will be very helpful to Jordan’s “investigation,” as it sounds like Pomerantz wanted to get Trump more than Bragg.

In addition to the fact that Pomerantz wanted Trump charged, Pomerantz is a former prosecutor. Jordan will be questioning someone completely out of his (limited) league. Newsweek also reported that former prosecutor turned analyst Glenn Kirschner believes that Pomerantz will chew up and spit out Jordan. That’s not hard to believe. Think about it: a professional prosecutor will be going up against a member of the Republican clown car. Please televise this testimony; it promises to be quite entertaining. Out of everything Pomerantz has said, according to Newsweek, Jordan has seized on some comment that (to him at least) “suggests a political motivation” on the part of Bragg. This makes no sense. If Bragg is so politically motivated, why did Pomerantz resign because Bragg wasn’t moving forward? Perhaps it makes sense if you’re Jim Jordan.

In his most recent video, Kirschner asks: “Who’s ready to see Pomerantz verbally tap dance all over Jim Jordan’s head?” He then raises his hand and gives a sly smile. During his monologue, Kirschner reminded that Jordan refused to testify and “blew off” the very subpoenas he is now issuing. Kirschner suggested that Jordan’s committee be renamed “the Congressional Committee to aid and abet Donald Trump.” He’s not wrong about that. Jordan’s committee has no use other than to help Trump. The mere fact that Jordan expects people to do what he wouldn’t do himself completely negates any “investigation” he seeks to undertake.

According to New York Times, Pomerantz will testify in a closed-door deposition on May 12, but this isn’t going to go the way Jordan hopes. The DA’s General Counsel will be present and can shut down any questioning that she believes will harm the ongoing criminal investigation. Basically, Jordan is not going to get anything he wants, and he has no power to override any refusal to answer questions. This will become an effort in futility for Jordan, which it should as he has no right to interfere in a criminal investigation. He will deservedly leave with proverbial egg on his face.

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