Jim Jordan plays the fool

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Jim Jordan is a fool, a fool of the worst kind. He’s apparently the only one who doesn’t know it, even as people and the DOJ continue to point it out to him. Guess that makes him a dumb fool. He decided to take his case for his ridiculous “weaponization” subcommittee to the airwaves by visiting Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.” Surely, Jordan knew this wasn’t a conservative friendly, conspiracy-laden news show that would quietly entertain his foolishness, and it didn’t disappoint.

Steve Benen of MSNBC likened Jordan to Earl Landgrebe of Indiana, a close ally of Richard Nixon. When asked about Nixon’s predicament, Landgrebe responded: “Don’t confuse me with the facts. I’ve got a closed mind.” So does Jim Jordan, who can’t be bothered with facts. He sees things through his narrow, twisted lens, and nothing else matters. While with Chuck Todd, Jordan gave as part of the reasoning for his weaponization subcommittee that the FBI “raided the home of a former president 91 days before an election.” Three things are wrong with this statement: it wasn’t a “raid,” the papers were at a country club, and Trump wasn’t running for anything. Idiot.

Jordan incredibly tried to compare Trump’s theft of classified materials to the current issue involving President Joe Biden, and Chuck Todd rightfully pushed back: “Biden didn’t defy a subpoena. More importantly, the only time the public found out about it is because Donald Trump told the public about it.” Digging the screws further into Jordan, Todd said that Jordan was trying to paint a picture of these events happening within a short time, when attempts to retrieve the stolen documents from Trump stretched out over the course of a year and a half.

Grinning like the fool he is, Jordan continued to try to make it seem as though Joe Biden is getting some sort of preferential treatment because his attorneys did the right thing and turned over what they found. Jordan can twist this all he likes, but he will never make a case that President Biden has “weaponized” the DOJ and FBI against Donald Trump. Indeed, Biden could care less about Donald Trump. Biden handily defeated Trump in 2020, and his focus immediately turned to trying to help the United States out of the many holes Trump left in the country.

Even the DOJ knows Jordan is a fool. According to the Hill, the agency let him know that it will not be providing the documents he requested. He has asked for all records, including correspondence between the DOJ and Biden’s attorneys. Guess he’s never heard of attorney-client privilege. The DOJ has told Jordan again that it will not be releasing documents relating to any investigations that are not already public. The only thing Jim Jordan is succeeding in doing is showing the world that he is a big fool, not that many people need help seeing that. Keep it up, Jordan; carry on wasting taxpayer dollars and time to paint the foolish portrait you have painted of yourself that will result in absolutely nothing.

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