Jim Jordan is very upset about this lobster

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Where would this week be without a moronic tweet from nobody’s favorite Congressman Jim Jordan? Jordan (still screaming, insurrection party) is apparently losing his (mind?) on Twitter over what he perceives to be a grievous offense committed by President Joe Biden. What is that offense? That offense is lobster, friends, and readers. I repeat — that offense is lobster.

Jordan is apparently triggered by the fact that Biden ate Lobster in Nantucket for Thanksgiving. This is not a joke. Jordan actually tweeted his outrage. “Biden is eating lobster in Nantucket for Thanksgiving while you struggle to afford groceries at home.”

It is a profoundly saddening fact of life that some people actually VOTED for this man to be a member of Congress. Jordan needs to relax. He’s got bigger fish to fry than a lobster meal. After all, it would seem only a matter of time until he is possibly called to testify before the January sixth committee. He should just concentrate on his testimony.

Also, I did not see Jordan ever complain about Assolini’s gold-plated toilets or lavish dinners at Mar-A-Lago. So I really believe what our President chooses to eat at Thanksgiving is none of Jordan’s business.

Perhaps Jordan’s just feeling like a fish out of water these days. After all, the screamer has not been getting much attention lately, and possibly his ego cannot handle that. Or maybe he has a particular fondness for Lobster and is jealous he was not invited to partake in the meal. Who knows?

But Jordan should settle down. After all, he may think he’s a big fish in a small pond on Twitter, but the bottom line is most people care only what he tweets so they can laugh at him. And if Jordan is indeed called before the January sixth committee, I’d bet the last thing on his tiny mind will be Lobster.

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