Jim Jordan is unraveling


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Whistleblowers are smart and courageous people, heroes, and emotionally tough humans who hate injustice and do not hesitate to call it out. Gym Jordan is no whistleblower. And neither are the people around him whom Gym has been bragging about for how long now?

For what seems like an eternity, Gym has proudly bragged about all the whistleblowers who, according to Gym, are ready, willing, and able to come forward and tell of their loathsome experiences with the federal government.

There is just one little, itsy-bitsy problem with Gym’s story. The New York Times was the first to report — these “whistleblowers” were reportedly paid off. They were paid by those in the Trump circle to spread conspiracy theories.

I suppose it’s nasty work if you can get it. And these little paid stooges sure appear to have gotten it.

And none of Gym’s witnesses appeared to meet the whistleblower definition. Of course, they don’t. One needs courage to be a whistle blower, and nobody with courage would ever allow themselves to get anywhere near Gym Jordan.

The reporters — Luke Broadwater and Adam Goldman — wrote the following: “The trio appears to be a group of aggrieved former FBI officials who have trafficked in right-wing conspiracy theories, including about the Jan 6, 2021, attack at the Capitol, and received financial support from a top ally of former president Donald J Trump.”

What a sad little man Gym Jordan is. And yet this garbage is not at all surprising. The GOP deals in publicity stunts, and this one failed right out of the gate. Shame on Gym and his posse of nutcases forever thinking they could pull one over on the American people.


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