Donald Trump has turned into Jello

Over the past year it’s become painfully clear that Donald Trump is pitifully in over his head. Is it because he’s suffering from a worsening medical condition affecting his mental capacity? Is it because he’s simply become a deer in the headlights as everything has collapsed in on him? Either way, it’s become clear that Trump has turned into Jello. The story of how the government shutdown happened last night gives away that Trump is even more of a puddle than we thought.

Chuck Schumer announced before the cameras today that he and Trump had a firm deal in place last night to keep the government up and running, but that after he left, Trump’s advisers convinced him to renege on the deal. This comes just a week after Trump held a televised bipartisan meeting in which he tried to give Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein the immigration deal she wanted, before Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy quickly steered him in the opposite direction.

Schumer said that negotiating with Trump is like trying to negotiate with “Jello.” He’s right. Trump is so far gone, he now just agrees with whoever he’s spoken with most recently. There are people who are like this by nature. But this is not how Trump has traditionally handled these kinds of things. In the past he would speak with everyone involved, and then make whatever demented decision he wanted. Now he’s reduced to being a puppet of whoever happens to be in the room at any given time.

In other words, there is no President of the United States. It’s bad enough that for the past year, the office has been illegitimately occupied by a deranged racist sexist career criminal with a personal and financial allegiance to foreign enemies. Now, on top of all that, we’ve got a quasi-invalid who can be talked into literally anything by anyone. Chuck Schumer is right: Donald Trump has turned into Jello.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report