Jared Kushner’s business on verge of being foreclosed

What happens if you’re a terrible businessman whose real estate properties are deeply in debt and on the verge of collapse, and your family suddenly no longer has corrupt control of the White House?

It’s not just Donald Trump who fits the above description; Jared Kushner does as well. Just one month after Trump and Kushner were forced out of the White House, one of Kushner’s family businesses is suddenly on the verge of foreclosure. It’s not just any business, either. According to Bloomberg, it’s a major retail property in Times Square.

Even as we watch Jared Kushner lose a major real estate property just a month after the Trump family lost control of the White House, we wait to see which of Donald Trump’s properties is the first to go bankrupt or be foreclosed.

In Trump’s case, he not only has to worry about banks and lenders coming after him, but also about the government seizing properties in relation to the growing number of civil and criminal investigations into his financial fraud.

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