Donald Trump has humiliating G20 moment with Prime Minister of Japan

Thus far Donald Trump’s time at the G20 summit has consisted of canceling his meeting with Putin due to the worsening Trump-Russia scandal, being called out for it by Putin, and wandering off the stage in the middle of an event while being heard muttering “Get me out of here.” Can it get even worse for him? Sure, yes, why not? In fact he had a humiliating incident with the Prime Minister of Japan – and it’s not even clear if Trump understands that it was humiliating.

We all remember three weeks ago when the Democrats were able to flip an astounding forty House seats, along with several Governor and state legislature seats, due partly to the historic unpopularity of Donald Trump. New presidents nearly always give up some ground in their first midterms, but the 2018 numbers were the equivalent of what happened to the GOP after Nixon resigned for Watergate. We also remember Trump having tried to declare victory, while everyone laughed at him. It turns out Shinzo Abe wanted in on the fun.

The Prime Minister of Japan walked up to Donald Trump at the G20 summit, and according to Jonathan Allen of NBC News, said “I want to congratulate you on your historic victory in the midterm election in the United States.” Let’s be clear here. Shinzo is not some idiot, so he knows full well that Trump got wiped out in the midterms. So why say it?

We’ve all seen that Donald Trump is such a malignant narcissist, and so far removed from reality, you can easily play him simply by buttering him up and telling him the same lies he keeps repeating. Shinzo has clearly figured this out, and he used it disarm Trump at the G20. So now Trump has reached the point of humiliation where world leaders are now using his broken psyche to gain the upper hand in diplomatic negotiations with him. The scary part is that, even as the entire world laughs, Trump doesn’t even know he’s being played.

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