Democratic challenger Janet Garrett speaks out about GOP Congressman Jim Jordan’s sex abuse scandal

Earlier today, influential Republican Congressman Jim Jordan found himself at the center of a sexual abuse scandal dating back to his days as an Ohio State University wrestling coach. Jordan is not accused of any abuse himself, but former team members are accusing Jordan of having covered up the team doctor’s abuse. The scandal has sent shockwaves through the political world, and now Jordan’s Democratic opponent is speaking up.

Janet Garrett, the Democratic Party candidate challenging Jim Jordan for his seat in November, posted this statement to her official website today: “Any allegation of sexual abuse—or complicity regarding such abuse—is very serious. That damage cannot be undone. For any teacher, protecting kids is the absolute first priority—and I say that as a former kindergarten teacher. Ohio State has an obligation to get to the bottom of this with a thorough and fair investigation. Jim Jordan has an obligation to cooperate fully with that investigation.”

Garrett has been mounting an upstart campaign in 2018 and has gained momentum, due to the overall Blue Wave of Democratic Party election victories since Donald Trump office, and due to the fact that Jordan has been embarrassing himself by buffoonishly trying to sabotage the investigation into Trump’s Russia scandal on live national television.

Jim Jordan is denying that he knew about the sexual abuse, but multiple major news outlets are reporting that former members of the team are willing to testify that they informed Jordan of the abuse. It’s not yet clear whether House Republicans will rally around Jordan and try to protect him, or whether they’ll force him to resign out of fear that this scandal could cost the party in the November elections. Meanwhile, Janet Garrett has spent the day using her Twitter account to document Jordan’s numerous other failings.

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