Jacob Wohl allegedly involved in Jeffrey Epstein – Ghislaine Maxwell coverup

We thought we were done writing about Jacob Wohl, a far right clown who’s been caught making up one laughably absurd fake scandal after another about Donald Trump’s adversaries. But now Wohl is allegedly back in a big way – and if what’s being reported is true, it means he’ll almost certainly end up in prison for it.

British newspaper Daily Mail is reporting that Ghislaine Maxwell recently hired Jacob Wohl to smear Jeffrey Epstein’s victims. The newspaper further reports that proof of Wohl’s involvement is contained in documents filed in the criminal case against Maxwell. Wohl has a history of carrying out these kinds of smear campaigns. He also has a history of being almost hysterically bad at this kind of thing. If Maxwell recently hired him, it suggests that she reached a point of desperation where she was willing to try anything to stay out of prison – even a scheme that was highly unlikely to work.


In any case, if Jacob Wohl really has gotten himself financially involved in the Jeffrey Epstein – Ghislaine Maxwell coverup, it’s difficult to imagine him remaining out of prison. It’s one thing for him to have made up phony scandals about Robert Mueller and Nancy Pelosi, which largely just got laughed it. It’s another thing to get entangled with the hideous Epstein-Maxwell crime spree.

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