“I’ve said it’s over!”

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A little drama in the courtroom has become rather normal with Donald Trump and his partners in misery. And on Thursday, there was more than a bit of drama. The attorney for Kenneth Chesboro went insane in court, accusing the Prosecution of “personal attacks” and ‘impugning the reputation” of his colleague.

Scot Grubman, the attorney in question, also appeared deeply offended that the state used a PowerPoint presentation, bitterly whining that this was “not an efficient use of the court’s time.”

The Judge had finally had enough and shockingly cut into the attorney’s rant to say: “I’ve said it’s OVER.” In other words, please shut up — this was just a more polite way of saying this.

As time goes by, the desperation coming from many of Trump’s cohorts is reaching critical mass. Many of them are trying ANYTHING to get out of their trials- to no avail. Is it not wonderful, friends and readers, to see Justice at work? For quite a long time, we have waited for all of this. I think we were very patient.

And now it’s happening. Have you gotten a look at Mark Meadows lately? Have you SEEN the weariness, the misery, the SURRENDER written all over his face?

And Sidney Powell and Chesboro are stuck together, and neither appears happy about it. I imagine it’s like two vultures being forced to coexist side by side. In the meantime, the Judge did rule that there would be more than one trial, which isn’t a surprise. In fact I am glad. It is the entertainment value as now BOTH trials (if it is indeed just two) will BOTH be live on television.

Do not get me wrong. This is serious business. But are we not allowed a smile or two? Are we not allowed a triumphant smirk or two? Are we not allowed to claim the spoils of this long-running war, which has now resulted in the defeat of Trump and company? Yes we are! A little laughter never hurt anything, and the fact is, all of these mangy defendants are in quite a pickle. And it just gets worse and worse for them by the day.

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