Ivanka Trump is reportedly selling out Donald Trump

Once Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, his kids were never going to have a future in politics. They were always going to be too busy fighting criminal charges and financial ruin to have time to run for office. But the media played up the fantasy for the sake of ratings anyway, and it appears Ivanka Trump bought into it.

British newspaper the Daily Mail is now reporting that Ivanka intends to attend President Joe Biden’s inauguration in the hope of salvaging what she thinks is a “promising political career.” This is utterly laughable. But it’s notable that she’s reportedly begun feuding with Donald, because he doesn’t want her to do it.

If this reporting is accurate, then it means that Ivanka Trump is selling out Donald Trump in a hilariously stupid attempt at propping up a political career that she’ll never have. But this isn’t surprising. In addition to being garbage, the Trumps have always been tone-deaf when it comes to just how widely they’re despised by most Americans. And they were always going to selfishly turn on each other once things got ugly enough for them.

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