Things just got ugly between Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump

Even as House Democrats do a deep dive to get to the bottom of why Donald Trump ordered that security clearances be given to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner even after White House officials deemed them a security risk to the United States, a whole new scandal of a different kind is brewing for Ivanka and her husband.

There’s a new book out which details numerous alleged abuses of power and privilege on the part of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Chief among them: Ivanka regularly asked to use Air Force One as her own de facto private jet. It was so outrageous that when then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tried to put his foot down, Ivanka simply worked around it by taking corrupt Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on the plane with her. It gets even worse.

It wasn’t just that Ivanka wanted to use Air Force One as her own personal taxi service. For some reason, she wanted to be able to control who did and did not get to go on State Department trips, according to New York Times coverage of the new book. But the whole narrative takes an even stranger turn. At one point Donald Trump asked John Kelly to push Ivanka and Jared out of the White House just to get rid of the constant headaches involved.


It’s been widely reported that Jared and Ivanka played a role in pushing John Kelly out of the White House, and this new information may help explain why it happened. But it’s doubtful that Ivanka knew just how direct her father was in trying to push her out of the White House. In any case, she knows about it now. Jared Kushner’s lawyer is claiming the entire book is a work of fiction. No wonder.

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