It’s time to start asking why Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis are making COVID worse and hawking a certain COVID treatment

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott are doing everything they can to make sure as many people in their states catch COVID as possible, and they’re making a huge deal out of promoting the COVID treatment Regeneron. We really should be looking into why.

DeSantis has launched Regeneron “rapid response” teams to treat people in Florida who have caught COVID. Yet DeSantis is fighting tooth and nail to keep Florida school districts from being able to mandate masks. So it’s not as if DeSantis cares about saving anyone from COVID. Rather, his actions are sharply increasing the number of people who are going to end up needing Regeneron. And now U.S. & World Report says that a top DeSantis donor is heavily invested in Regeneron. What’s going on here?

Then there’s Abbott, who announced on Tuesday that he’s tested positive for COVID. Accordingly, he’s making a big showing of announcing that he’s being treated with Regeneron. So Abbott is another one whose actions in office are resulting in a sharply increased number of people who are going to end up needing Regeneron. How convenient. Given that Abbott is fully vaccinated and asymptomatic, why is he being treated with a drug that’s supposed to be for more severe cases?


Correlation does not prove causation. It could just be a surreal coincidence that the two Governors who are doing the most to spread COVID are also doing the most to promote the same COVID treatment. After all, DeSantis and Abbot do a lot of boneheaded and incoherent things in general. But there’s more than enough evidence here to at least begin asking questions and investigating. Do they have some kind of illicit financial connection to Regeneron, and if so, is it motivating them to fight against basic COVID precautions like school mask mandates? If evidence were uncovered to prove this, it would certainly be criminal in nature – which means we need answers.

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