It’s time to admit it

Let’s stop beating around the bush. We don’t just have the worst President in the history of the United States. We have no President. We have a psychotic evil blob at the wheel who goes around insulting and taunting everyone as his own ship sinks and people drown.

Today Donald Trump bragged that perhaps only a hundred thousand Americans will die because of the actions he’s taken, instead of a couple million Americans. Wait, what action? He’s done nothing. All of the shutdowns and lockdowns have been done at the state or local level. Governors are scavenging for their own medical supplies. States are forced to compete with each other for resources because there’s no coordination at the federal level.

Actually, this is worse than if there were no President of the United States. Imagine if the office were simply vacant. In such case any competent officials in the federal government would be doing the best they could with this crisis, of their own accord. Instead they all have to answer to the psychotic blob, who refuses to do the job but who insists on incoherently and vindictively interjecting himself into the decision making process anyway.

Trump supporters are generally the type who argue that there shouldn’t be a federal government, because they don’t want anyone trying to force them to live their lives in a way that doesn’t harm others. Now they’ve pretty much gotten their way. But Trump supporters aren’t magically immune to this virus. They’re going to die off at roughly the same rate as the rest of us. Here’s hoping they have decency to never vote again after this is over.

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