It’s stormier for Donald Trump than you think

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Nothing and no one will ever change Donald Trump from the lying, deceitful, self-centered shell of a person he is. Perhaps a criminal conviction may change him, but it’s doubtful. Even In the wake of his arraignment, Trump went back to doing what he does best: lie. He held an event at Mar-a-Lago where he shamelessly lied to participants about everything from the Presidential Records Act to George Soros, and of course, his favorite lies about the 2020 election. At the rate Trump is going, he will be completely out of steam before Jack Smith comes-and he is coming.

CNN reported that former top national security officials will testify before Smith’s grand jury. No, they know nothing about the classified documents, but they know all about Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election, which Smith is simultaneously investigating. The former officials are Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli testified that he “made clear at all times” that they did not have authority to seize voting machines. We may learn even more in the coming weeks, as the federal appeals court in DC has thrown out Trump’s claims of privilege on behalf of staff. In fact, CNN reported that Robert O’Brien’s earlier interview with prosecutors backed up Cuccinelli’s claims about voting machines, and Cuccinelli returned to the grand jury this week. According to CNN, Smith sees a clear path toward proving that Trump and his allies knew they were peddling false information but proceeded with it anyway. Those actions constitute a crime that may carry more weight than the New York case, especially when you consider that Trump went so far as to draw up executive orders, directing the military and DHS to seize machines despite what he had been told.

In the face of his crimes, you might think Donald Trump would take the opportunity to finally shut his mouth, but of course, he can’t do that. He assembled his people in Mar-a-Lago so that he could rail about the charges levied against him in New York, claiming: “The only crime that I have committed is to fearlessly defend our nation from those who seek to destroy it.” That is laughable. Trump tried his damndest to destroy our country as we know it, and the impact of him and his lies continue to widen a wound that may never heal. Judge Merchan warned Trump to refrain from inciteful speech, but that will never happen. It is Trump’s nature to incite violence on his own behalf. In his “speech” (if you care to call it that), he denigrated Judge Merchan and called out Merchan’s daughter as “working for Kamala Harris.” According to the Guardian, Merchan’s daughter Loren is a partner in a digital campaign strategy agency, and she has worked for many prominent Democrats. Once again, Trump takes something out of context to use as one of his battering rams.

Trump once again called Fulton County DA a “racist” and said that Jack Smith is “a lunatic.” These words will come back to haunt Trump, as the walls really are closing in on him this time.

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