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As various political storylines unfold, it’s important to keep track of which of them are or aren’t likely to end up being of benefit to us. For instance it’s been pretty clear all along that at least some of Donald Trump’s criminal trials will happen before the election – and the political benefit of such trials is obvious. On the other hand it’s also been pretty clear all along that the effort to remove Trump from the ballot wasn’t likely to succeed or impact the electoral math at all.

I’ve long been of the opinion that the very best thing we have going for our side with regard to 2024 is Donald Trump’s worsening senility. Back when he was first booted from office, he disappeared from public view almost entirely, and when he did occasionally appear he came across as half senile and half dead. It was obvious that Trump’s people were trying to hide him from public view as much as possible, because he was going senile even back then.

But now Trump doesn’t have the luxury of hiding anymore, and he has to go out there and masquerade as a candidate in public. The problem for him is that he’s no longer “going” senile; he’s there.

Trump is in much, much worse cognitive condition now than he was when his people were keeping him mostly hidden back in 2021 and 2022. Back then he was having enough senile moments during each speech to detract from his otherwise coherent speeches. These days his “speeches” are nothing but a string of senile moments.

We’ve seen the obvious signs of senility. Trump doesn’t know who the current President is, or what the current timeframe is. He doesn’t know where he’s at. The various people in his life start blending together in his mind. And he often forgets what he’s talking about mid-sentence, before launching into some unrelated inane story based around the last word he spoke.

But while most senile people are merely senile, Donald Trump is also a malignant narcissistic psychopath. He always has been. As Trump’s senility has worsened, I’ve been wondering what the intersection of senility and psychopathy would end up looking like. What does it look like when someone is behaving in a fashion that’s derangedly evil and embarrassingly clueless at the same time? Well, it finally happened.

On Saturday, Donald Trump gave a speech in which he called for Russia to invade America’s NATO allies in Europe. Regardless of how we all know how Trump feels about Putin, this isn’t something that even Trump would be dumb enough to say in such direct terms – except now Trump is at a point of decline where he does say things precisely this dumb.

If you’re rooting for Joe Biden to win reelection, it doesn’t get any better than this. The current Republican frontrunner is out on bail and about to start a series of criminal trials that’ll send him to prison and he’s completely senile. There are no Biden scandals, real or made-up, that are going to get a fraction of the negative attention that Trump’s criminal trials will get. There are no questions about Biden’s memory or cognitive abilities, real or imagined, that are going to get any sustained attention as long as Trump keeps going out there and calling for Russia to invade England while also claiming that we’re getting rid of Pennsylvania (he said that this weekend too).

The media always wants to try to “both sides” things for the sake of getting ratings out of the least knowledgeable viewers in the middle. But when things are this obvious, even the media can’t distract the general public from what it’s seeing. Donald Trump is now fully senile, and when combined with his psychopathy, it’s a sight to see. The best thing you can hope for is that Trump keeps talking like this, and that these idiots are dumb enough to actually let him have the nomination at the convention – because it’s all shaping up to be a goldmine for Biden and the Democrats in 2024.

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