It’s all falling apart for Donald Trump quickly now

A lot of people are saying that the President’s polls are tremendous. Nobody has ever seen anything like these polls. World leaders are calling me telling me how strongly we’re doing in the polls.

Et cetera. It actually hurts to try to talk and think like Donald Trump. But by “President” I meant — not to tempt fate here — the President-elect. According to Gallup, President-elect Joseph Robinette Biden Junior has already topped 55% in popularity in their poll, and rising. In other words, Biden has done in two months what Donald Trump couldn’t do in four years. Donald Trump’s approval rating languishes down where it’s always been at its lower end, right around 42%. In other words, “Sleepy Joe” is kicking Donald Trump’s ass — in his sleep.

When you break those numbers down, Biden’s approval among Republicans has actually doubled. It was never that high, to be sure, but it’s gone from 6% to 12% and rising. Among Independents Biden’s approval has risen from a healthy 48% to a very respectable 55%. And among Democrats his approval has gone from 95% to 96%. Somebody needs to wake Trump and tell him, if he hasn’t already heard. I, for one, can always do with another dose of schadenfreude, especially when it comes to Donald Trump.

But what’s particularly fascinating is, while Trump’s approval rating among Democrats and Independents remains relatively unchanged (3% and 37% respectively), Trump’s approval among Republicans has dropped! He’s fallen from 95% to 89%. That’s a breathtaking drop.

Now, I realize this is only one poll. And I further realize that popularity contests don’t mean anything. (It’s something we all should have learned in high school.) But my point is: Donald Trump has never seen anything like these polls, to put it in Trumpian terms.

As a jumped-up game show host, which is all he’s ever been, popularity polls and the size of a guy’s wallet are the only credentials that have ever impressed this toxic cretin with barely more than one-and-a-half Scaramuccis left in office. So such polls, if they ever find their way into his clouded, confused consciousness, would be doubly devastating to a hollow man like Donald Trump.

Normally I would feel sorry for such a person as Trump under these circumstances, no matter how much I might have otherwise despised him. But I remember the Americans who are now dead who shouldn’t be because Donald Trump deliberately and with malice aforethought politically weaponized coronavirus and downplayed its seriousness. I think of the rape of the environment under his administration. I think of the racial unrest he’s provoked, the stochastic terror he’s visited with vicious tweets on patriotic Americans and their families, just for doing their jobs.

When I think of his selfishness, his arrogance, his laziness, his disloyalty, his treasons, his rapes, his sexist and racist comments, I’m glad Trump is getting his due. I’m glad Trump is finally getting hurt in the two places it hurts him the most: his wallet and his popularity.

On a more sober note, while Biden enjoys what most incoming Presidents have always enjoyed (except Trump), a bump in the polls at his election and a traditional honeymoon to come with the American people, it comes at a much-needed time. Success against the current crisis of the coronavirus pandemic requires a hefty majority of Americans behind the president. Particularly since you can just about set your watch to the fact that as soon as Biden takes office, Republicans will start blaming Joe Biden for the three thousand daily coronavirus deaths. It won’t matter that they never — not once! — blamed Trump for the 356,445 (as I write this) Americans who have died under Trump’s criminally negligent tenure.

We may finally be getting rid of this child-raping murderer, but we still have the poisonous Republican hypocrites and liars to deal with. The fight for social and political justice never ends. Democracy is not easy, and we must remain ever hypervigilant in its defense. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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