Donald Trump isn’t even trying to hide it anymore

Donald Trump has been caught red handed trying to conspire with the leader of Ukraine to rig the 2020 election in his favor. Reports have also surfaced this week that Trump has urged the leaders of the UK and Australia to help him with his phony election conspiracy theories. Now that he’s been caught doing these things in private, he’s decided to begin doing them in public.

Donald Trump stood on the White House lawn this morning and, in front of a group of reporters and cameras, called for China to help him promote his phony scandal about Joe Biden. Trump then once again called on Ukraine to help him promote the fake Biden scandal. Again, this was in front of reporters.

Like a lot of criminals who have been caught in the act and are now on the run, Donald Trump appears to have concluded that his fate won’t be any worse if he commits twenty felonies than if he commits ten. That logic is leading him to commit even more crimes, in plain sight, in the feeble hope that these additional crimes will somehow save him from being held accountable for his original crimes.

But really, Donald Trump is merely reminding us that he’s not a student of history. We saw Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort continue to commit additional felonies, such as witness tampering, after he’d already been caught. That merely resulted in Manafort getting hit with additional criminal charges. Trump should go visit Manafort in prison and ask him how this strategy worked out for him.

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