Is this guy trying to lose on purpose?

Could Donald Trump (subconsciously) be trying to lose the Republican Presidential nomination? After all — we know that originally, way back in 2016, he didn’t want to do the job at all. He was disappointed when he won. So the question deserves to be asked.

Trump has become the king of gaffes. He cannot go a minute without sticking his foot in his orange mouth. A lot of that is due to his mental state. But there could also be a touch of magic — self-sabotaging magic — mixed into the equation. Trump does not appear to even WANT to campaign.

When he is at his rallies, his indifference is pretty noticeable in his voice. Remember when he used to hold contests for fans to meet him? Remember when he’d lead “lock her up” chants (he is the one who should be and will be locked up.)

But these days, he does not do any of that. Perhaps — on some deep and unconscious level — Trump doesn’t want the job. Perhaps as he did the very first time he ran, he’s having doubts.

Or maybe he’s thinking of the future. After all, as Palmer Report reported just a couple of short weeks ago, Trump is repeatedly obsessing in private about being found guilty in one or more trials.

So perhaps this is not just hate and insanity. Perhaps it is also the sparkle of self-sabotage, which, when allowed to shine bright, often succeeds in bringing down the one who is trying to sabotage himself. If this is indeed Trump’s ultimate goal, this is one that he just might reach.