Is Donald Trump looking at another criminal case?

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Criminals tend to repeat their criminality. In America, the recidivism rate of released prisoners stands at about 70% within a five-year time-frame. That’s a lot of crime. These people are called “habitual criminals.”

Donald Trump is a habitual criminal. After all, the man’s been committing crimes for a long time now, and he hasn’t even been locked up yet. Prison will not change him. Trump will never have an epiphany and say “Now I get it!”

It is not happening. Habitual criminals spend their lives in and out of trouble. That’s Donald Trump, alright. Where Trump goes, lawlessness eagerly follows. The man’s got over ninety different indictments so far.

So far… Yes, there could be more. That brings me to a subject very few are talking about. You may have heard of the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics. They’ve just filed a criminal complaint about Trump with the FBI and DOJ.

It concerns a loan of $50 million for his Chicago business, which was heavily in debt. Trump disclosed this loan on his financial disclosure reports. But according to the complaint, this “loan: never existed.” Surprised?

“Donald Trump should be investigated for knowingly and willfully making false statements about debts owed to his Chicago business on his public financial disclosure reports.”

This is about a “false claim of being owed tens of millions of dollars.”

“Could be part of a tax avoidance scheme.”

The implications of these allegations are huge. Could we be looking at a future with even more criminal charges against Trump? The answer is a resounding yes, and that’s a serious matter.

While I can’t predict the future, the possibility of Trump facing more charges is not far-fetched. Given his history, it wouldn’t be surprising. Why? Because Donald Trump is a habitual criminal. And as the data shows, these people rarely change their ways.

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