The international money trail flowing into Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign just became more clear

When when Robert Mueller was still on the job, he fought in court to obtain records from an unnamed international bank, in relation to Donald Trump. Mueller’s once-aggressive investigation ended up sheepishly going down the tubes with no real results, for reasons that still have yet to be explained. But one key piece of the puzzle has finally been revealed – and it fits with another recently revealed piece.

It turns out it was all about Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, which went broke, and the $10 million bailout that the campaign mysteriously received at just the right time. CNN is now reporting that Mueller believed an Egyptian bank was the source of the mysterious $10 million. This would be a huge deal, because foreign campaign contributions are illegal. But that may only be half the story.

Last week the New York Times reported that according to Donald Trump’s tax records, the $10 million bailout of Trump’s 2016 campaign may have been part of an overall $21 million windfall that Trump received from his own Las Vegas hotel, in apparent violation of campaign finance law.

If these two stories are both accurate, then it points to the $10 million having flowed from the Egyptian bank, through, Donald Trump’s Vegas hotel, and into Trump’s 2016 campaign. Of course the government of Egypt isn’t known to be in bed with Trump, but nations like Saudi Arabia and Russia are. So who exactly gave the money to the Egyptian bank to begin with? Was it just a go-between? This raises so many new questions.

It’s more clear than ever that something went very wrong with the Mueller investigation, beyond the fact that Bill Barr redacted some things. Mueller had been running an aggressive probe, until Barr simply frowned at him at which point Mueller gave up and went home. In any case, with Donald Trump sinking and the sharks swirling, it’s all finally starting to come out how. But this is information that the public was entitled to years ago.

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