Donald Trump’s “Infrastructure Week” comes to an abrupt end

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Donald Trump and his White House have declared it to be “Infrastructure Week” so many times, we’ve honestly lost track of when it is or isn’t Infrastructure Week. Most often, Trump and the gang seem to make the declaration as a distraction whenever they’re facing a particularly scandalous week in office. But as of today, let’s just say that Infrastructure Week has come to a rather abrupt and unseemly end.

Cartoon idiots Beavis and Butt-Head once declared that you can’t have “Van Halen without Van Halen,” after having mistakenly come to the conclusion that Eddie Van Halen had left his own band. Considering the level of intellect displayed by the Trump White House to date, we think the Beavis and Butt-Head analogy is rather apt. In that vein, you can’t have “Infrastructure Week” without the head of infrastructure, and that’s a problem for Trump, because his head of infrastructure just left the building.

DJ Gribbin was the guy in charge of coming up with Donald Trump’s infrastructure plans that we all knew were never going to implemented. He’s now resigned, according to a White House announcement, after Trump admitted that nothing is indeed going to happen with infrastructure between now and the midterm elections. This is notable for two entirely different reasons, and neither one of them is a particularly good sign for Donald Trump.


For one thing, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is going to need an even bigger wall so she can fit the names of the latest Trump White House departures, as DJ Gribbin surely won’t be the only one to resign or get fired this week, at the rate things have been going. In addition, this cements what we’ve sensed for awhile now, which is that the Republican Congress isn’t even going to try to tackle infrastructure. The GOP could have used the accomplishment as something to campaign on – but this is the latest sign that it’s no longer even trying to legislate as Trump’s criminal scandals have taken over the political universe.

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