Donald Trump incoherently slurs his way through disastrous rally

It never fails these days: Donald Trump’s babysitters knew that he was going to get hit with articles of impeachment this week, so they scheduled a rally in the hope that incoherently babbling at his adoring scumbag supporters would cheer him up. Sure enough, articles of impeachment dropped on Tuesday morning. And sure enough, Trump proceeded to put on a display at his rally that was embarrassing and disconcerting even by his rock-bottom standards.

During his hate rally on Tuesday evening, Donald Trump tried to insist that he’s been standing tall during impeachment, whereas any “regular president” would have been hiding under his desk while sucking his thumb. Unfortunately for Trump, his cognitive and motor function has failed to the point that he ended up slurring out something that sounded like “and thenny announced there was no byes no.” Watch the video for yourself:

The scum suckers at Donald Trump’s rally don’t care that he sounds like he’s been hit over the head repeatedly with a blunt object and needs immediate medical attention. But he’s wasting his time by pandering solely to them, because they’re the ones who are already going to vote for him anyway. He’s making no effort to attract the kinds of additional votes he would need to have any shot at reelection. Then again, considering he’s so far gone he can barely speak or think, it’s not surprising that his handlers are only putting him in front of his garbage supporters.

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