Donald Trump’s incoherent decision making reaches stunning proportions

Donald Trump has no idea what he’s doing. I’m not merely talking about his inept response to his worsening criminal scandals. I’m not merely saying he’s in over his head as pretend-president. I’m saying he increasingly can’t function, he doesn’t know how to function, and he often doesn’t understand how even the most basic of things work. Whether it’s due to a worsening mental condition or mounting stress, Trump’s incoherent decision making is reaching stunning proportions.

Here’s the latest example. We’re now learning that when Trump landed in Singapore for his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, he suddenly decided that he wanted to move the summit up by a day. Why? Trump was “bored,” according to his own people, who are now ratting him out to the Washington Post.

It’s not that Trump merely said he wished he could move it up; he actually tried to do it. His people had to explain to him that nothing works that way, and that everyone else involved with the summit – including the other government and the media – had set everything up around the original meeting date. His own people clearly felt this was alarming enough that they needed to tell the American public about it by running to a major newspaper with the story, which they wouldn’t have done if they felt there was any chance Trump was merely being facetious.

This is just plain weird. This is like like showing up to a concert a day early and demanding that the concert take place immediately. It’s like showing up at a restaurant several hours after it’s closed for the evening, and genuinely wondering why the night janitor won’t let you in and cook you some food. It’s just not something that mentally competent people do. If this were an isolated incident for Donald Trump, it might not mean anything. But this kind of confused divorce from reality is becoming the norm for him. Either that, or he’s misguidedly trying to lay the groundwork for a mental incompetence defense for when he’s arrested and placed on trial.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report